Search Google Like a Pro

Search Google Like a Pro

You know how to Google, but do you do it like a pro?

Here are a few simple yet very helpful search operators to help you Search Google... like a Pro

"Quotation Marks"

       What it does 

Using quotation marks in your search terms lets you search exactly for that word. It means, all your results will have your search terms in them.

Example : "one small step for man"

- Dashes

       What it does 

If you want to exclude a term from your search include a hyphen before that word.

Example : dolphins-football

      ~ Tilde

       What it does 

Use tlide when you want also its synonyms to appear in the result. The above query will search for music classes, lessons, coaching etc.

Example : music-classes


       What it does 

Use this operator to search within a specific website only.

Example :

verticle bar |

       What it does 

This query will search websites that have any one/two/all of the terms

Example : blouse|shirt|chemise

..Two Periods

       What it does 

Include two periods when you want to search within two number ranges

Example :  movies 1950..1970

related :

       What it does 

Find Something Similar to

Example : related

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