ON HIS 60'S Birthday

Rain man (1988)

This film about his character in this moving dramedy about two estranged siblings

A Few good men (1992)

The historic line "You can't handle the Truth" has Tom Cruise in a gritty early career performance

jerry maguire (1996)

Cruise again combines his boy-next-door charm with a true penchant for drama that won the actor yet another Oscar nod

magnolia (1999)

The paul Thomas Anderson masterpiece has Tom Cruise in a rare supporting act that earned him an Oscar Nomination

eyes wide shut (1999)

Stanley Kubrick's final fever dream stars Cruise as a doctor who gets drawn into a dubious world of occult practices after finding out that his wife has been contemplating an affair with another man

the last samurai (2003)

The visually sumptuous film has cruise combining his ability to deliver drama and his penchant for action in this 19th century set epic